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    1. Introduction of Kingfoods
      Our company's business began in 1990 with Shanghai Jinmao food company. In 1999 we officially changed name to: Shanghai Kingfoods Co., Ltd..And we are the leader of the food import and distribution industry in Chinese market.
      Now We have the mature global purchasing network and gained the trust and authority of many international brands with more than 10 years of development and accumulation. Kingfoods develops into a professional integrated company, which can manage import, storage, whole sale, retail, distribution perfectly.Till year 2010, the sales network of Kingfoods has covered all provinces retail and catering channles. Depending on the company development we setup the comprehensive storage-logistics and e-commerce platform for online salse, and also we have branches in Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzheng etc.
      Shanghai Kingfoods Co., Ltd. commits to be the best agent of food inport with our signature of Honest, Pragmatic and Service. We are improving our ability of agent and operation continually. That we are the bridge between the international brands and Chinese market. It is our pleasure that we can bring the healthy quality food to Chinese Consumers and makes the life colorful and tasty.
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